About Us

"Its an honour every time we take the ice.  Do the game justice - Make the right calls, even if they're not the popular calls.  Be accountable, and Cherish The Journey" - REFcore

REFcore was started by a trio in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Tired of seeing countless hockey apparel companies take flight, we decided we would start one of our own.  A hockey apparel company not just for anyone, but for the best team on the ice - the Officials. 

With our logo and motto invented on the fly while out at a pub, we are proud to present to you, REFcore Canada. 

Along with our logo, is our motto Cherish The Journey, to include all officials, regardless of the level of hockey they are officiating, or the experience level of the official.  From a first year, 12 year old official working their way up, to officials working the IIHF and NHL levels, we all need to be reminded every once in a while, to keep working hard, never give up, stay humble and to Cherish The Journey™.  Everyone is trying to survive the game, but as officials, we have our own goal - to survive the game on integrity.  Its a privilege to be able to officiate the game we all love, and we need to appreciate the time we have in the game, both on and off the ice. 

Our goal is to provide officials with the best merchandise to make your job easier, and enable you to elevate your game.  We seek to gain universal support, because we stripes have to stick together, regardless of the colour of our bands.  So Thank You for your support, of our company, and for the support of your fellow men and women in stripes.  


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